Notes on cosmetic porcelain crowns the best you need to know

Notes on cosmetic porcelain crowns the best you need to know

When porcelain veneers are the best?
Considered as one of the inventors leading cosmetic teeth, porcelain veneers brought a revolution in the aesthetics of bad teeth, broken teeth. Now, the case of tooth enamel is worn, broken teeth haul, toothed, coral or lug heavy teeth stains can be bleached applicable implementing porcelain veneers to dental restorations to bring a face new teeth.
This method uses a ceramic crown with high strength made in conformity mark outer jaw teeth taken to conceal bad teeth chew food which ensures perfectly normal. These are the top advantages of ceramic-coated method.
Cosmetic porcelain dental work longer applies in the case of support implant is using porcelain crowns wrapped onto cylindrical implant restorations for missing teeth.

12Selecting a good porcelain teeth in both durability and aesthetics.
Note the aesthetic porcelain veneers – Selection of suitable materials porcelain teeth.
One note when cosmetic porcelain veneers are porcelain teeth line options to the prosthesis. Actually there are quite a variety of porcelain teeth are commonly applied as metal porcelain teeth, porcelain dental alloys or porcelain. The selection of porcelain teeth do not just liking your subjective, but it is best to carefully consider the advantages present, as well as restrictions based on your oral condition to choose the most suitable type of porcelain teeth .
That the metal: the most striking advantage of this porcelain line is relatively low cost, thus suitable for many types of customers. However, in terms of the durability of this type of porcelain teeth do not have good strength and can be deep black gum line due to the oxidation of metals. And long-term aesthetic is not guaranteed.
+ Non-metallic dental porcelain, also known as porcelain dental porcelain: porcelain teeth this field is reviewed in a comprehensive manner is the best line and perfect porcelain today. Not only bring the strength up to 20 years and the ability to chew food like natural teeth but also its aesthetic porcelain lines can not be compared.
But the cost of this porcelain line is high but in the long run, the line of porcelain teeth This ensures durability and best color without prostheses repeatedly. This is noted as one of the aesthetic porcelain veneers to cover the mission you need to know to achieve maximum efficiency.

13Porcelain veneers gives you a beautiful teeth.
Note after the porcelain teeth.
Coated with porcelain teeth after long service life, durable or not depends largely on the care of keeping your oral hygiene like:
+ Diet: A basic principle is that you should wrap chewing porcelain with moderate force, avoid eating too hard or chewy foods even strength properties of porcelain teeth is also quite good. Should limit foods and beverages can cling dark porcelain teeth.
+ Dental Care: Teeth porcelain basically still need care regimen as natural teeth. Maintain regular brushing after meals 2-3 times a day with a soft bristle brush, cleaning attention both the tooth and teeth. After brushing can use your hands to massage gums for good circulation.
Can use daily gargling salt water to clean teeth and reduce inflammation. Every 6 months / time is the time you need to get to the dentist and tartar and check the status of porcelain teeth.
Above are a few notes when cosmetic porcelain veneers. All your questions related to porcelain veneers, please contact the dental Paris at the number below for detailed advice.


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